Reliant Energy Assistance Programs

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Reliant Energy Assistance Programs

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About Reliant Energy

Reliant protects and simplifies life by bringing electricity, security and related services to homes and business across Texas. The company is recognized nationally for outstanding customer experience.

Reliant is part of NRG a fortune 500 company. It creates value by generating electricity and providing energy solutions to more than 3.5 million residential and commercial customers across the U.S. and Canada. NRG’s competitive residential electricity business is Reliant. Reliant is one of the largest in the country.

By visiting, you can get more information about Reliant. Also you can contact reliant on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Reliant Energy Assistance Program provides electricity and energy services to approximately 1.7 million retail customers.

Reliant energy is backed by one of the nation’s largest power producers. NRG operates more than 24000 megawatts of generation capacity including more than 11000 megawatts of capacity in Texas.

Voluntary Programs by Reliant Energy

Community Assistance from Reliant Program (CARE) offers a helping hand to reliant customers during a difficult time. Through CARE assistance program, recipients can receive support once per calendar year and receive up to $300 in a given month.

CARE assistance program has some qualification. Customer must be a residence of Harris country. Customer meets the federal income guidelines for poverty in accordance with their household number. Participants must be a current customer of Reliant Energy Assistance Program.

The CARE to share fund provides bill payment assistance to eligible first choice power residential customers in need of emergency. Customers can donate to the Care to Share Fund and assist residential customers who need a little extra help by providing extra emergency assistance.

The CARE program is funded by private as well as corporate contributions and many generous donations from employees, local charities and customers. The CARE program is known as Community Assistance from Reliant Energy with a helping hand during difficult time period in their lives.

Reliant Energy Assistance Program also fully supports and can help people apply for the various federal government programs LIHEAP and weatherization. LIHEAP and weatherization are the two primary federal governments and state of Texas programs that will provide either grant for paying payment bills.

Customers who qualify may receive this one-time annual assistance through non-profit social service agencies in communities. Non profit social services agencies review customer cases and qualify them based upon the agencies designed hardship criteria.

Since May 2003, the neighbour to neighbour program has helped tens of thousands of direct energy with their home energy expenses. This program was created to assist families experiencing financial emergencies with up to $600 in bill payment assistance during a calendar year. Neighbour to neighbour program is administrated by more than 30 community’s action agencies across the state.

Reliant Assistance programs during the summer, Low income customers and seniors who are falling behind on their utility bills during the summertime have additional resources available to them. Reliant energy will do their best to help Texas families during the hot weather, as lack of air conditioning or fans can lead to a serious medical condition.

Reliant Energy is also offering free home energy audits for qualified low-income and elderly residential customers in Houston. Reliant is operating Beat the Heat Centres at various locations across Houston.

TXU Energy Aid Program has committed $25 million per year through 2012 to fund a10% low-income discount, and an additional $5 million per year through 2012 for low-income bill assistance. It has established the Low Income Advisory Committee and works collaboratively with over 800 agencies across the state to assist customers in need.

TXU Energy Aid Program has voluntarily declared a summer disconnection moratorium and provided more flexible deferred payment plans for TXU Energy customers designated as low-income, ill or disabled or who are at least 62 years of age. Customers must contact TXU energy to take advantage of TXU Aid Program.

Discounts from Lite-up Texas can help customers to save money on their payment bills. An applicant will need to meet certain government low income and poverty guidelines. Those households in the Reliant service territory that is currently receiving Medicaid or Food Stamps will automatically be included in the Lite up Texas.

An application will be required and supporting documentation. That document will need to be providing to the energy provider. Applicants need to be able to provide proof of their financial hardship, including expenses, income and other information related with Lite up Texas savings program. You can get more information by calling on this phone number 1-888-782-8477.

Utility connection deposits service can be provided to income qualified seniors who are 65 years of age or older, and may be able to be offered to others on a very limited basis.

An additional program for paying utility deposits is known as the Low Income Deposit (LID) program. This service can help them pay the deposit on their electricity service.

Qualified customers can range from seniors aged 60-64, disabled individuals, children aged 6 years old. Low Income Deposit program is run in partnership with some non-profits including the Ft. Bend and Harris County Social Services as well as community action agencies across the Reliant Energy service territory.


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